Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Free Photography Guide For Parents and Parents-to-be.

Hi friends, Christmas is coming. What a lovely time to share. This year we love to give our Photography Guide service for parents and parents-to-be. This service is Free for you if you are a parent or parent-to-be. 

Our Photography Guide service is about showing you how to take great pictures with your own camera. For you parent or parent-to-be this means taking a great pictures of your kids and your family. You surely don't want to miss on this one :)

If you are a parent with baby or pre-schooler, we know is a challenge for you to go out, but fear not, as long as you can connect to Skype, we believe we can deliver the same service to you. Same thing if you are not living in Singapore, we can use the Skype. 

So there you go, parents and parents-to-be, do let us know today if you are interested. We love to see you taking a great pictures of your kids and your family. 

Blessings, Laurence and Angie.