Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to Shoot In-door. Part 2

You can see the Part 1 here.

Now we will talk about how to shoot in-door with the interchangeable lens camera. 

By being an interchangeable lens camera. This type of camera have the advantage flexibility of choosing what lens to use. And usually this camera also have a hot-shoe mount to put an external flash on top of the camera.

If you want to shoot in-door without an external flash, then you need to get a lens with f2 or smaller number. The smaller the f number the brighter your image will be. 

If you want to shoot in-door with an external flash. Get your self an external flash with the flash head that can be turn to point at the celling. About the lens choice, most of the time your kit lens is good enough. after you try this set up you will be amazed to what your kit lens capable of doing for in-door shooting.

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