Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Turn Off The Red-Eye-Reduction

By turning off the red-eye reduction it will make your camera to capture faster. If you sometime get a blur images it can be due to this function. What happen is the camera take too long to capture because it doing the red-eye-reduction things, then when it actually captured your subject have moved, and the result you get a blur images. 

Don't worry about getting the red-eye in your subjects eyes. It can be easily fix by software after you took the images. The free software that comes with your computer usually have the one-click button to fix the red-eye problem. If not there are many free software that you can download free from the internet that have this function, such as Google Picasa.

It just so much fun, when you can capture your subject faster and get sharper images.

Please refer to your camera manual on how to turn off the red-eye-reduction function.