Saturday, 10 September 2011


"stop it, don't do that.. Listen to mommy.. Don't pull.." that's what I said every day. I Can not believe In the next 10 week Jezelle is turning 1 year old. Seems just yesterday I carried her on my belly for 38 weeks, I'm saying uhh…ouchh…fiuh… It was a great experience. Time does flies fast…I forget all about tired, stress, and less sleep… Is not easy being a mom, I yell a lot, mad a lot, laugh a lot, smile a lot, cry a lot & pray a lot...All at the same time! I am not consider my self a perfect mom, but one thing I know for sure…Being a great mom is not being a perfect mom...With sharing all my past experience and showing that I change become a better person, that means a lot for my kids. Mommy love you Chantelle and Jezelle, thank you for making me become a better mom everyday, and thank you for being mommy great daughters!! -Angie