About Us

Laurence Sutrisno
Pure emotions and gestures are the translation of my photography. My eyes and my heart are the camera that I use to capture the natural beauty that comes into my life every day. Without a doubt every child is precious, every marriage is precious, and every life is precious. Christ loves that separate me from my past is the love that I share with others. As I go through life I hope to bring joy and love into people’s heart. I am a grateful husband and daddy. 

Angie Sutrisno
I am a proud wife and mommy. Having so much good time with our daughters Chantelle and Jezelle have made me so excited and discover my true passion in photography. For me this is love and honor, working with my husband to make a great art work for our clients. How beautiful is He! So what else can i asked? …i'm a very blessed girl.

Our Family
We have been married since December of 2005. Our first daughter Chantelle was born in October 2006 and our second daughter Jezelle was born in 2010. At the beginning of our marriage life was not coming easy on us, facing the storm and uncertainty was easier said than done. Thankfully He made us understand that His love and grace are always more than we could ever need. Our family gives thanks to God! He is the designer, created the way for us to be who we are today.  

For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37